Go For It

I missed my log in streak for MFP by 2 minutes. I had 20 days ://
My pants are sliding off my butt already. Oops.

— 1 week ago
#i hope I don't have to get fitted for dresses until after December... 

I love how quick Insanity shows results. Even when I first got started exercising and modified all the moves it surprised me. The cues and coaching ruined me for all other videos.

— 3 weeks ago
#idk I just really love Shaun T  #look at Tanya y'all  #i have nothing else to say 

The wedding is in April. I’m glad I don’t have a huge part in it, but the fact I still have to wear a gown that looks similar to the bridesmaids makes me :/

I’m starting Insanity tomorrow. I guess since it finishes in October I will finally get around to trying out Asylum I & II too. I wish I could find my old fit test scores so I can see where I am now in comparison. I don’t know if I should keep lifting if I’m doing insanity or if it’s just for cutting.

— 1 month ago
#I hate working out in the morning :/  #I don't have money to get to the gym. it's 6 miles away  #by the time I run/walk there I will be too worn out to lift 

What are some of your favourite songs during a workout? I have a few playlists of the same 200 songs I’ve been using since 2006. I added some new stuff as time went by but the overall playlist stayed the same:

Big Time Rush (shh!), LMFAO, My Chemical Romance, Chiodos, Nicki Minaj, Interpol, and a lot of random BPM type electronica mixes.

— 1 month ago with 1 note
#I'm not picky when it comes to workout music  #I want something I can jam to 

I’m back (oops)

My first foray into fitblr ended being turned into a popular random blog and a slightly more popular fandom blog.

I’ve learned a lot since I started my fitness journey. The most important thing I’ve learned is to feel comfortable in the body I’ve been given. Work with the strengths I have and transform my weaknesses.

I have more confidence and am able to set more realistic goals after seeing why I’ve failed or given up. I’ve found the healthy foods I can live with (broccoli, haha) and the ones that are too much of a hassle to enjoy (brown rice, ew)

I’ve added workouts I can enjoy eternally because I’m being challenged, rather than having fun.

I’ve learned and grown as a person, and am working on reflecting these changes physically.

— 1 month ago
#I used to be so obsessed with looking like a model  #I've learned I'm never gonna lose my chicana look  #I gotta embrace it  #so hello fitblr you are stuck with me